Printed Personalized Mail has a new place in your digital marketing strategy.

Now online triggers can be turned automatically into dynamic, personalized postcards and letters within hours.

Join us on Thursday November 16 @ 1:00pm CT and find out why printed mail is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy.

You’ll learn the answers to these questions:

  • How others in the industry are re-thinking multi- channel campaigns
  • When should triggered PPM (Printed Personalized Mail) become an effective part of your digital strategy?
  • How are you limiting new revenue when you only use digital channels to communicate with customers?
  • What has neuroscience taught us about the high value of printed mail in effective marketing?
  • Why does CASL not apply to PPM?
  • Why do millennials say they love physical mail?
  • What does it mean to your possibilities for revenue, when your digital open and CTR are so low?

Don’t miss out on this event.