Track marketing responses and
drive people to your online content

  • Increase response rates and capture more qualified leads

  • Create a more powerful, engaging, interactive experience

  • Quickly and easily move users from offline content to online content

  • Capture measurable metrics for your marketing, advertising, promotion, and social media campaigns

QR Codes (Quick Response) provide an extraordinary new tool to incorporate into marketing strategies we develop to help our clients engage leads and customers through SmartPhone mobile applications. By making print interactive with QR codes, you have true cross media interactivity, facilitating quick and easy movement from the print world to the online world to launch a more powerful, engaging customer experiences. Some examples of print to mobile QR Codes we can develop to help your business reach new mobile customers:

Also referred to as “clickable print”, we incorporate quick response codes (QR codes) and other types of augmented reality applications into print and other offline marketing communication materials. With our QR Code solutions you move leads and customers from offline to online content via iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

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