Make a compact impact with colour variable printing

  • Inexpensive and compact direct mail or email format
  • Colour variable printing offers creative opportunities
  • Trackable response with vouchers, barcodes & QR codes
Variable data printing allows for all elements of a design to adjust when linked to the data.  Not reserved to the name and address portion, we can can vary text, graphics and colours to personalize messages that then speak more directly to the recipient. There is still a place for the static image postcard too.  We can print them and inkjet addresses onto the backs or pack and prepare them for household delivery using unaddressed admail.  

  How do you stand out among Ten Billion Pieces of Mail? Over 10 billion pieces of advertising mail were sent in Canada last year.  We help you stand out! And we can integrate your direct mail campaign with email where appropriate. Send the most effective message through the most effective channel. Chameleon Variable Communications, Powered by Prime Data, is a leader in developing and implementing variable print document programs for advertising, fundraising and transactional mail. Create data-driven campaigns that integrate multiple channels including email and landing pages. Be prominent among the 10 billion pieces of admail and transactional mail sent in Canada this year. Get best practice execution and advice. Complete your transaction cycle with managed logistics. You will also gain valuable insight into our process with web-based inventory and tracking on an EDI compliant platform.