Create, build and sustain deeper and more rewarding relationships with donors and customers.

  • One-step printing: white paper to double-sided cut sheets
  • Speed: shrinks production schedule from 5 days into a single morning
  • Affordability: more cost effective than ever; lower cost alternative to colour laser
  • Customization: colour variable messaging & personalization on both sides
  • Quality: print quality previously unavailable

Create Customized Messaging Using Your Own Data and VDP

increased fundraising through direct mail

Case Study

Personalized variable data printing (VDP) delivers a better response rate. That’s because when you add data-driven print communications into your marketing mix you are speaking to the masses, but communicating to the individual.

We’ve already reached a point when print can respond to your data like you’ve become accustomed to on a digital screen.

Tailoring your messages and graphics to suit each recipient improves your response rate. And our team creates millions of VDP documents each year in hundreds of configurations – so you can be sure that we have the experience to do it right!

“We were thrilled with the results. The campaign delivered 42% more revenue than last year’s appeal. Prime Data made this an easy and successful campaign.”

Greg Wagland, Manager of Annual Giving at The Mustard Seed

Here’s what you get

Print technology hasn’t just evolved, it’s been reinvented over the past two decades. As a direct response to variable messaging on the web, print campaigns have adapted to include a high level of custom messaging based on data.

As a leader in variable data print technology, we are always upgrading our systems to make your campaign executions effortless.

variable data printing VDP

Who is it for?

Variable Data Print is the perfect solution for data-driven, time-sensitive or urgent print production. Using your data we create personalized mailings that deliver real results.  

  • Data-driven communications improve response
  • Define unique messages for segments of your data
  • Change text & graphics so your offering targets the recipient
  • Direct mail and email campaigns will improve response

Worried About Your Data?

One of the most common fears companies have about using their own is data is that they don’t trust what they have to be accurate or secure. We are data experts. Before we get started let us clean up your database. Read our case study on how cleaning up the data for Mustard Seed contributed to increased donations year over year.  As for security, we are continually vigilant on this score and our Security Officer and his team have built the infrastructure and processes that keeps our client data safe.


  • Data clean-up experience since 1998
  • Innovative merge-purge solutions
  • High data security processes and facility


  • Canada Post Experts
  • Web-based inventory
  • Online tracking


  • Custom requirements
  • Centrally located
  • Expert advice