Technology companies need to print and send mail too ! – we make it easy

Workflow automation, data security and a long history of producing printed mail in multiple jurisdictions will streamline the integration of mail into your technology solution. We call it RevenueDriverTM.

Whether it’s abandoned shopping cart postcards, reminder mailings, voter notification mail, win-back programs or loyalty program communications, automated printed mail will bring exceptional results when mixed with your digital engagement channels.

Now it’s easy to add physical mail to your communication channel mix. We all love autoresponders and drip campaigns delivered via email. They are easy to setup and manage. They are so easy, that everyone does them. So what was really effective five years ago will now get your messages deleted. Loyalty recognition, thank you’s and invitations sent by paper mail are given higher regard, saved for longer and responded to much more frequently than electronic versions of the same messages. So a physical campaign is a sure way to keep you top of mind with your clients and prospects. Not just any printer will do. It’s crucial that you choose a partner based on their ability to securely integrate online technology with offline processes. We’re the experts in data-driven campaigns and partners with marketers, finance companies, tech firms and government agencies.

Why us?

  • We provide a secure IT environment that meets or exceeds most compliance or security standards
  • Our workflow automation bridges the gap between online and print communications
  • Our full colour variable printing on various stock is ideal for individually customized postcards, letters and reports 
  • We are technology people who understand how to integrate data with print and fulfillment

Prime Data is not your mom and dad’s print shop. We’re a data company that prints.

How we work

We automate as much of the process as possible so that data, images and documents flow automatically from online to print.  The workflow keeps costs down while keeping and security and accuracy high. Examples may include:

  • Triggered marketing communications for loyalty or ecommerce campaigns
  • Printing and mailing beautiful reports
  • Automated reminder cards, triggered thank-you cards, birthday cards or invitations
  • Compliance documents, tax receipts