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V is for Variable! Marketing Minute

V is for Variable – A Marketing Minute by Steve Falk Cookies are a beautiful thing. Especially when they’re in browsers. They allow you to deliver a variable message to the person who’s online. For example, a person in their late teens or early twenties is watching a YouTube…

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Y is for You! Marketing Minute

Let’s talk about YOU! You’re at a dinner party, and you’re chatting with the person next to you. Do you:A: Fill their ears with everything about you?B: Ask them questions that will draw them out a little and have them share something about themselves, instead of just ‘talking at…

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O is for Omni-Channel – Marketing Minute

Omni-channel marketing is used by smart marketers. It’s about building relationships over multiple channels, creating a unified brand message. Using digital is only one part of the puzzle. Working from device to device will not fully capture your market. The very best marketers we know are using an Omni-channel…

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