Did you know? Using personalization in a direct mail campaign can increase the ROI by 300% to 1000%!* The reason is simple – customers are more likely to respond if they feel the direct mailer is designed specifically for them, rather than a generic piece of bulk mail with no name, address, or personalized details.

Every marketer dreams of increasing their ROI by speaking to their clients and prospects individually. With Prime Data’s Variable Data Printing services, hyper-personalized marketing campaigns are possible!

What can you individualize?

Using sophisticated variable data printing software, we’re able to add your data and images to a variety of mail pieces (from letters to custom postcards, forms, and invitations), creating personalized marketing campaigns that deliver real results. We can variable print:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Genders
  • Images
  • Purchase history
  • Colours
  • Recommended products
  • Hobbies
  • Promotions

Don’t see the option you’re looking for? Ask us!

Why Variable Data Printing and Variable Image Printing Works

VDP, sometimes referred to as one-to-one marketing or variable information printing, adds a human touch to your business, helps your company stand out from competitors, encourages customers to engage with your brand, and supercharges response rates!

It works by adding unique elements to each individual mail piece within a print run. This can be as simple as changing up the names and addresses in a batch of direct mail postcards, switching out the images, or adding recommended products based on your customer data.

Think of it as calling out to someone on the street. A greeting of “hey you,” is less likely to get someone’s attention than calling out their name.

Hello Joe

VDP labels and forms

Variable Data Printing is also perfectly suited to labels and forms! Using VDP, we can incorporate QR codes, barcodes, and sequential numbers into labels tags, cards, and forms. These are used for online games, coupons, tracking numbers, and product identification. Speak to our specialist about solving your variable data print (VDP) challenges.

We take data security very seriously

Worried about data security? With Prime Data, even your most sensitive information is in good hands. With a long list of processes and procedures documented and implemented for our government and financial services clients (not to mention a 20+ reputation!), we ensure your data is protected throughout the process. You can rest easy knowing that we never share your information with anyone or use it for any purpose other than to create personalized mail.

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Rave Reviews From Real Clients

Our application’s web-to-print database marketing is depended on by the automotive industry throughout Canada. Our success rests completely on the decision to make Prime Data our printing partner …

Steve Southin

Co-Founder, BUMPER Apps Inc.

… Webcom had a project with Canada Post recently – and after speaking to Steve about alternate options on the production and mailing of Canada Post’s publication, he presented a plan that cut a $7,000 project down to a $2,500 project, and at the same time saved me 4 days of production …

Tom Higgins

Project Manager, Webcom

Prime Data has been absolutely incredible working with us as a non-profit … They created a customized automation to help save us time and ensure a quicker turn-around. They’ve have been extremely supportive and ensure that any one-off requests are always fulfilled …

Jessica Silva


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