A lot has changed since the early days of direct mail marketing, and for over 20 years, Prime Data has proudly remained on the cutting-edge. Today’s direct mail is different – by working hand-in-hand with your digital marketing strategy, it has evolved into a smarter, sleeker, and far more personalized process. Let us show you how it’s done!

Omni-channel marketing at its finest

Prime Data’s ResponsivePrint™ automated direct mail services help you reach the customers that digital marketing channels such as ads and emails don’t. Our unique direct mailing system allows you to engage with them in a new way, recapturing lost sales, capitalizing on new leads, and continuing online conversations, offline!

Omni Channel Marketing

How it works

ResponsivePrint™ takes advantage of commonly used “triggers” to create personalized promotional postcards and letters, which are automatically printed and mailed to your customers in Canada, the U.S., or Europe within hours of online activity. Digital marketing relies heavily on triggered email and text messaging these days, now print can boost results to these tactics.

All you have to do is:

Choose one or more “triggers”:

  • Initial purchase
  • Customer’s birthday
  • Membership anniversary
  • Viewed product
  • Abandoned cart item
  • Unopened email
  • Scheduled sale or promotional period

And we’ll do the rest!

  1. Our technicians will set up a proprietary analytics system to securely, automatically, and regularly share “trigger” data with us.
  2. Our systems will alert us when a “trigger” occurs.
  3. We’ll instantly create hyper-personalized direct mail postcards or letters for each customer. (You can even feature an offer for the product they’ve viewed or abandoned!)
  4. Your mail piece will ship out to the customer’s doorstep the next day.

Automated direct mail applications

There are countless ways to make automated mailing systems work for you. Here are a few examples that may offer some direct mail inspiration:

Inactivity or declining engagement

Send creative direct mail pieces to engage with customers who aren’t opening emails, remind them to finish filling a form, and regain customers that have been dormant for a set amount of time.

Abandoned carts

Feature “abandoned cart” items left behind by customers to recapture lost online sales. You can think of this as offline retargeting or remarketing.

Targeted discounts/loyalty programs

Include a new offer a past customer can’t refuse, entice them with custom loyalty programs, or match them to targeted sale/clearance items.

Gifts/promotional items

Strengthen new customer relationships or choose key moments in the customer journey to offer exclusive discounts and free gifts.

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Rave Reviews From Real Clients

Our application’s web-to-print database marketing is depended on by the automotive industry throughout Canada. Our success rests completely on the decision to make Prime Data our printing partner …

Steve Southin

Co-Founder, BUMPER Apps Inc.

… Webcom had a project with Canada Post recently – and after speaking to Steve about alternate options on the production and mailing of Canada Post’s publication, he presented a plan that cut a $7,000 project down to a $2,500 project, and at the same time saved me 4 days of production …

Tom Higgins

Project Manager, Webcom

Prime Data has been absolutely incredible working with us as a non-profit … They created a customized automation to help save us time and ensure a quicker turn-around. They’ve have been extremely supportive and ensure that any one-off requests are always fulfilled …

Jessica Silva


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