New Revenue. Delivered By Mail.

eCommerce retailers and digital marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach audiences, increase conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment. To drive new revenue, PrimeData has developed ResponsivePrintTM – an automated, innovative, programmatic and highly personalized way of delivering a delightful shopper experience at the most critical stages of the eCommerce purchase cycle.

Challenges for 2017

In today’s eCommerce industry, shopping cart abandonment is an all-too-common shopper behaviour – one which cuts deeply into eCommerce retail sales and profits. Several studies have uncovered that the average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%; a figure that has steadily increased with the growth of eCommerce.


Buyers Are Becoming Unreachable

Even more concerning is that more and more shoppers are using adblockers while going online, and leaving email offers unopened in their overflowing inboxes. Once unengaged, they’re essentially becoming unreachable. What if they never come back? Fortunately, there’s an an innovative solution that brings unreachable shoppers back, reduces shopping cart abandonment and increases eCommerce retailer sales and profits.


Print + Digital
Reach the Unreachable

Let’s face it. Audiences are becoming more and more unreachable by traditional digital means. PrimeData’s ResponsivePrintTM is the measurable, innovative and programmatic solution for savvy eCommerce retailers who seek to provide a positive customer experience to shoppers at the most critical stages of the purchase cycle.  

What’s old is new again.  New revenue for your digital business driven by automated printed mail.  We think this will work for you.


No-Risk Trial Program.

PrimeData has developed the proprietary technologies, processes and partnerships to harness the power of programmatic print to deliver massive improvements in digital conversions through ResponsivePrintTM. We are offering a no-risk ResponsivePrintTM trial, including all the elements eCommerce retailers need to engage previously unreachable audiences and recapture potentially lost eCommerce purchases. Here’s what all trial program subscribers get:

ResponsivePrintTM technology
ResponsivePrintTM “Mobile” postcard template
All Canadian postage, print and preparation
24-hour Mail Turnaround Guarantee
Workflow automation
Promo code administration
Campaign analytics
Risk-free Trial Guarantee