Create, build and sustain deeper and more rewarding relationships with donors and customers.

  • One-step printing: white paper to double-sided cut sheets
  • Speed: shrinks production schedule from 5 days into a single morning
  • Affordability: more cost effective than ever; lower cost alternative to colour laser
  • Customization: colour variable messaging & personalization on both sides
  • Quality: print quality previously unavailable



Print technology hasn’t just evolved, it’s been reinvented over the past two decades. As a direct response to variable messaging on the web, print campaigns have adapted to include a high level of custom messaging based on data. Somebody test drove a blue car at a dealership? The dealership now sends that customer materials with all the vehicles in the same shade of blue.

A chain restaurant takes an order for pizza and the next time that customer checks their mail a coupon appears for a deal on a larger size of that same pie.

It’s not magic. It’s data.

As a leader in variable data print technology, we are always upgrading our systems to make your campaign executions effortless. So we are proud to be the first company in Canada to deploy the new elan printer from Delphax Technologies.

Introducing elan

Our new elan printing system offers one-step printing that shrinks your variable print production schedule from 5 days into a single morning. Even more striking is the cost savings when compared to traditional colour laser alternatives.

elan offers full customization on both sides of the page at a print quality that has not previously been available.

Who is it for?

elan is the ideal solution for data-driven, time-sensitive or urgent print production. Plug your data into elan to make more personal connections that deliver results every single time.

If you are curious about the possibilities of what a variable data print campaign can do for your next campaign send an email or give us a call. We’ll be able to quickly help you assess your requirements and help you decide on the options that will benefit you the most.