We’re definitely not your typical print shop. We like to think of ourselves as a data technology company that prints.

What’s the difference? Our clients.

We work with data to create and manage the print portion of multi-channel campaigns. Our full-colour variable print technology is unique in the Canadian marketplace and allows us to deliver fully customized print-runs in as little as one day  – or 5 times quicker than the industry standard.

So who are our clients?

Not-for-profits and fundraising organizations who want to keep costs down while benefiting from full colour variable print solutions.

  • We’re the first private company in Canada with a sheet-fed inkjet printer uniquely positioned to serve fundraiser’s direct mail
  • Economical printing of full variable colour documents
  • Simplified production – no need for offset shells 
  • Speed – no need to print offset shells first – one less step in production
  • Improved variable imaging options – full colour allows for images and text to be variable on both sides of a letter (not just black on one side as is the current common practice)

The tech companies that use direct mail as a communication channel and need a partner that understands how to integrate data from online sources to print applications. 

  • Our workflow automation and datawork bridges the gap between online and print 
  • Full colour variable printing on various stock allows printing of individualized postcards, letters and reports 
  • A secure IT environment meets or exceeds your compliance requirements

Franchises and chains that want to centralize direct mail print buying and production.

  • Simplified multi-location unaddressed admail and addressed admail production
  • Automated printing with variable imaging allows for personalized direct mail for each location with cost savings and simplified process
  • Online production scheduling tools to share information with our clients about critical production milestones – including updates to all parties as schedules evolve and critical dates arrive that require action to keep the project on-schedule

Marketing agencies that need to integrate their multi-channel campaigns with a tech-savy partner.

  • Campaigns that incorporate drip marketing and trigger marketing automation communications destined for the mail 
  • Software, security and production equipment that allows for automated data transfer and “lights-out” production of variable print documents

Political campaigns that want to quickly respond to evolving issues with timely targeted messaging.

  • In-house data, print and lettershop provides simple one-stop direct mail campaign execution
  • Fastest full colour production of direct mail – full colour variable printing means that we print from white sheets straight to full colour variable images without the time-delay and extra production required to pre-print letterhead shells
  • Ideal for political fundraising 

Realtors who want to spend more time selling houses than managing print runs.

  • Real estate agents are well served by our unaddressed admail production management services
  • Hands-free production of regularly scheduled campaigns – we do the work while the agent concentrates on selling home
  • We pre-print enough material to last several months and pre-arrange a distribution schedule to neighbourhoods in a territory