Important Announcement: Prime Data joins forces with The AIIM Group

TORONTO, ONTARIO, July 12th, 2022 AIIM Holdings Inc. (“AIIM” or the “Company”), a leading provider of omnichannel marketing communications solutions, today announced the acquisition of Prime Data, a leading provider of sustainable marketing communication solutions. Following the growth investment AIIM received in May 2022 from Vegvisir Capital, the Company continues…

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The Planet’s FIRST Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

Prime Data, an award-winning leader in digital era direct mail, has launched “Carbon Neutral Direct Mail – From Tree to MailboxTM” the first net-zero carbon direct mail service that offsets all emissions from the tree through to the mailbox. For the first time, a direct mail piece can be…

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Every Mailbox is a Stage

I work at a jazz club. I love it. I do it part-time to make a little extra bread, plus it keeps things interesting.  I’ve worked there off and on for the better part of twenty years, when I haven’t been living in Puerto Rico (but that’s another story).  I…

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I Can’t Thank You Enough

I can’t thank you enough It’s not just a sentiment. It’s an actual campaign here at Prime Data that lasted three months. #CTYE We wanted to thank and recognize clients, colleagues, vendors and everyone else who contributes to our success each and every day. That’s not to say that…

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Fundraising and print: Turn an expense into an investment

Everyone loves a good deal. And when it comes to making business decisions, price is generally one of the most important considerations.  But what if you were to reframe the price of a product or service you were considering as an investment in your campaign’s success? On June 12th it’s…

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