Agency work is tough. Demands from clients for more targeted use of their budgets to reach “the right audience” is intense. Online options are sexy, but response rates don’t live up to the hype.

Print is still king when it comes to making an impression that lasts.

Prime Data is not just a printer. We are a partner with the expertise to execute multi-channel campaigns that fit within your budget and will knock your clients’ socks off.

Why us?

By now everyone is using online drip campaigns. They’ve clogged up the inboxes of clients and prospects. But print campaigns are different. Using advanced technology that allows for data filtering at an extremely detailed level, we manage segmentation so that your clients’ money isn’t wasted.

  • Workflow automation bridges the gap between online and print communications
  • Full-colour variable printing on various stock is ideal for individually customized postcards, letters and reports 
  • A secure IT environment meets or exceeds most compliance or security standards
  • Technology people who understand how to integrate data with print

How we work

We help agency campaigns incorporate drip marketing and trigger marketing automation communications destined for the mail. We provide hands-free production of regularly scheduled campaigns. We do the work while you concentrate on your clients.

  • You benefit from a partnership with Prime Data because we’ve invested in the software, security and production equipment that allows for automated data transfer and “lights-out” production of variable print documents
  • You’ll work with Canada Post Expert Partners, members of NAMMU (National Association of Major Mailers) and DIA (Digital Imaging Association)