Deliver successful campaigns
by targetting households

  • Full Serve – Plan, Print, Prepare
  • Postage discounts available
  • Mail preparation and forwarding to Canada Post
  • Targeting – including demographics, maps & counts
  • Personal experience – see my story below
  • Plain speaking ‘no jargon’ service available for novices
  • A Canada Post Expert Partner ( how about them apples!)



Prime Data achieves Canada Post Expert status

We plan, print and prepare your admail campaigns.  We also can share our discounts on Unaddressed Admail as a Canada Post Expert Partner. We’ll save you time and effort by taking on the important logistical elements of preparing a campaign. Unaddressed admail is the service that brings flyers and non-addressed items to households across Canada. Unaddressed admail, also known as householder mail, involves choosing target neighbourhoods and then bundling, cartoning and labelling items for delivery so Canada Post can forward them to post offices who then distribute them within desired timeframes. Our full-service option takes the process from targeting to print and final mail preparation but we’d be pleased to become a partner at any step along the path to preparing successful unaddressed admail campaigns for your organization. Visit our companion site Unaddressed Direct Mailing Services for more details.