10 billion pieces sent in Canada
We’ll help yours stand out!

  • Address correction and postal saving sortation
  • Variable data printing masters
  • US and Canadian postal experience
  • Unaddressed admail and addressed admail
  • Foreign mail service discounts

In 2009* Canada Post handled 10 billion pieces of transactional and advertising mail.  Can you stand out from the rest?

With our variable data printing background we can help you execute a successful targeted campaign with strong data-driven principles. You can find FAQ’s on Canada Post’s latest “Point-of-Call” Address Accuracy program that is supported by our software here. We can also design and prepare unaddressed admail projects also known as householder mailings.  These projects require unique planning as we help you target geographical areas using tools that allow delivery within a radius of store locations, or using demographic information to plan the target areas.  Ask us about how we can assist with your next unaddressed admail project. Our production team has extensive USPS (United States Post Office) experience, which simpliflies cross-border projects.

*most recent published Canada Post Annual report: 2009 Canada Post Annual Report



How do you stand out among Ten Billion Pieces of Mail?

Over 10 billion pieces of advertising mail were sent in Canada last year.  We help you stand out! And we can integrate your direct mail campaign with email where appropriate. Send the most effective message through the most effective channel.

Prime Data is a leader in developing and implementing variable print document programs for advertising, fundraising and transactional mail. Create data-driven campaigns that integrate multiple channels including email and landing pages. Be prominent among the 10 billion pieces of admail and transactional mail sent in Canada this year. Get best practice execution and advice. Complete your transaction cycle with managed logistics.

You will also gain valuable insight into our process with web-based inventory and tracking on an EDI compliant platform.

We can help you navigate Canada Post rules and regulations

Call us for a one-on-one consultation as you plan your mailing design or navigate the Canada Post website.

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