10 billion pieces sent in Canada.
We’ll help yours stand out!

Even Google is using direct mail to encourage businesses to use Google Adwords. It’s not ironic, it’s good business.

With 10 billion pieces of advertising and transactional mail entering Canada Post how can you make yours stand out?

Your results depend on an organic approach, from design and datawork through to printing and mail preparation. Each step plays a vital role in the outcome of your campaign. With our clients’ success in mind, we bring leading-edge technology, experience and knowledge of different sectors to every project.

We’re committed to investing in our people and our technology. In recent years this has included:

  • A fleet of new printers
  • New variable data printing software
  • Installation of a full spectrum ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool to help us better manage estimating, production and invoicing

And our latest acquisition to make your campaign more targeted and faster — ELAN.

You’ll appreciate that we are constantly improving processes to make your life simpler.

How do you stand out among 10 billion pieces of mail?

Prime Data is a leader in developing and implementing variable print document programs for advertising, fundraising and transactional mail.

We’ll help you create data-driven campaigns that integrate multiple channels including email and landing pages, and

  • Be prominent among the 10 billion pieces of admail and transactional mail sent in Canada this year.
  • Get best practice execution and advice.
  • Complete your transaction cycle with managed logistics.

You’ll also gain valuable insight into our process with web-based inventory and tracking on an EDI compliant platform.

We can help you navigate Canada Post rules and regulations

Call us for a one-on-one consultation as you plan your mailing design or navigate the Canada Post website.

Variable printing

  • Data-driven
  • Segmented messaging
  • Better response


  • Custom requirements
  • Centrally located
  • Expert advice


  • Data clean-up experience since 1998
  • Innovative merge-purge solutions
  • High data security processes and facility