Growth A to Z


S is for Seize the Day! Marketing Minute

Seize the Day! My latest video ALSO speaking at Canada Post “Amp It Up” Summit on Thursday, Oct. 15th. Register Capturing a moment in a customer or donor lifecycle can be gold! Automated and triggered (programmatic) emails that seize a moment have enormous value. First purchases, birthdays, cart…

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D is for Digital! Marketing Minute

Brought to you by the letter “D” this 2 minute video is a riff on using all the digital channels available to a marketer. This can now include DIGITAL print which can be driven try triggers like a remarketing email. Mailed within hours of online triggers, like a remarketing…

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I is for Integrated! Marketing Minute

Omnichannel marketing is really just a fancy way to say integrated.  As a marketer, your goal is to integrate and measure campaigns so that you know where your marketing dollar is going.  Breaking down the silos between channels makes sure that your social media marketers, email advertisers and programmatic…

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B is for Beta: Always Be Testing

It’s been 27 years since the profanity-laced classic Glengarry Glen Ross dropped “ABC – Always Be Closing” into the lexicon of junior sales reps everywhere.  If the studios were to do a reboot today focusing on marketing pros, it might very well have just as much profanity. But the term…

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