What are Data-Driven Communications?  Print or electronic communications such as email, postcards, invoices, and letters that have content that is driven by a data file.  It could be as simple as personalizing Dear John but becomes most effective when the data drives the content in different directions in order to boost the effectiveness of the campaign.  It’s proven that if you speak more directly to the recipient of a marketing communication, you will have better results.

What is NCOA? NCOA, National Change of Address, is the name of a data hygiene process that uses data gathered by the post office when people move to update mailing lists so that the address is the most recent one.  NCOA is a required process for most USPS large mailings but in Canada it is optional.  Canada Post supplies NCOA data for the previous 5 years. In cases like fundraising mailings, the NCOA  protects you from losing donors as they move.  The ROI on NCOA processing is tremendous for fundraisers and it is measurable.  A best practice would be to perform NCOA annually.

What are the bulk mail rates?  Canada Post now calls this Admail and the rates and specifications are tricky to navigate.  Best to call us and have a postal expert help you to take best advantage of size, weight, quantity and content rules that will affect your postage budget.

How do I plan household delivery of mail?  Household mail, as it is called in the US, is known at Canada Post as Unaddressed Admail. It is the unaddressed portion of the mail distribution system that is characterized by coupons, flyers, pizza offers, real estate ads and similarly non-addressed items.  These are often a good value for advertisers.  We can help you navigate through the rules and specifications of Unaddressed Admail and target areas based upon location and demographics.

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