Prime Data has created direct mail for market leaders like Wayfair, Sephora, and UberEats. We want to share with you what we know about integrating direct mail into high performing marketing automation tactics.

In 15-30 minutes you’ll learn about:

  • the high return on marketing spend it creates
  • how printed mail has become a powerful digital channel
  • where it works best… think customer engagement

You’ll see how this can drive revenue growth, conversions and engagement with your company.

Invest a bit of time in the future of successful interactions with your customers.

Use Triggered Printed Mail To Reach Your Customers at the Right Time

Visit our Youtube page to see the entire alphabet in the Growth A to Z Video Series, containing insightful hints and tips about revenue, marketing, sales, engagement, and growing a happy customer base.

You’re in good company! – Browse relevant case studies

Wayfair Canada – Remarketing with a Twist

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Sephora – Retargeting with Direct Mail Amplifies Results.

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Rave Reviews From Real Clients

Our application’s web-to-print database marketing is depended on by the automotive industry throughout Canada. Our success rests completely on the decision to make Prime Data our printing partner …

Steve Southin

Co-Founder, BUMPER Apps Inc.

… Webcom had a project with Canada Post recently – and after speaking to Steve about alternate options on the production and mailing of Canada Post’s publication, he presented a plan that cut a $7,000 project down to a $2,500 project, and at the same time saved me 4 days of production …

Tom Higgins

Project Manager, Webcom

Prime Data has been absolutely incredible working with us as a non-profit … They created a customized automation to help save us time and ensure a quicker turn-around. They’ve have been extremely supportive and ensure that any one-off requests are always fulfilled …

Jessica Silva