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Cannabis loyalty marketing: Build online sales by mail

Build Loyalty with printed personalized offers sent next day from online triggers

Cannabis marketing can benefit from a techie twist on old-school printed mail

Add a new printed channel on top of your other digital efforts.  After all, email open rates are declining. 31% of customers have adblockers. 70% of online sales are lost to abandoned carts. RevenueDriverTM helps you easily reach the customers that online ads and emails don’t so you can re-engage your customers and recapture lost sales.

Automation makes it easy

RevenueDriverTM uses digital triggers to create personalized cards and letters that are automatically printed and mailed to your customers in Canada, the U.S. or Europe within hours of online activity.

Choose your triggers, unopened mail, first purchase, a birthday or membership anniversary, abandoned or viewed products, and send us the data daily.

We’ll automatically create a full-colour variable card or letter to send in the mail. You can even feature an offer for the product they’ve viewed or abandoned.

Add powerful messages to your cannabis marketing strategy for:

  • Unopened Email Strategy – send printed mail to engage customers who don’t open email
  • Reduce Churn with a Win-back programs – include an offer a lapsed customer can’t refuse
  • Cart abandonment – feature the product left in the cart to recapture a share of the 70% of online sales lost to abandoned carts
  • Loyalty points/bonus gift – build your customer relationship with custom mail at key points

If you want to know more about RevenueDriverTM write to us.

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