ICM Direct Mail Resources

When is Direct Mail most effective?  Best for Maintaining Existing instead of Aquiring New Donors or Clients ! When there is a CRM tool used to maintain full addresses of clients and ideally their historical data When the product or service has a high enough lifetime value to justify the investment…

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When it comes to admail, size does matter

When you’re putting together a campaign that includes dimensional (non-flat) admail, it’s really easy to get caught up in the wonderful work your designers come up with. So easy that you might not even think about how much it’s going to cost to get each of these masterpieces into the…

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Prime Data applauds Bumper App on prestigious award

Congratulations to our client Bumper App Inc., for receiving this year’s Automotive Website Award for Marketing Innovation. Bumper App is an automated contact management and marketing platform that allows dealers to take control of their retention marketing strategy. This automation software provides dealers with the power to create and send…

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