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Will DIGITAL embrace ANALOG in 2017? My 3 predictions

My prediction for 2017? This will be the year of the rising importance that “Analog” — the tactile objects and real interactions with which we imbue so much meaning — becomes recognized for its importance in our digital-hyped marketing world. Admittedly, predicting exactly what’s going to happen between now and…

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Looking back before leaping forward

I don’t think there’s anyone who will put forward an argument that 2016 was boring. From the arts (RIP Bowie, Prince and others) to global politics (refugees, Brexit, U.S. election) it was a wild one, with enough twists and turns for a really unbelievable novel. Beyond what did happen, let’s…

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The new holiday tradition: e-commerce

One of the guys who does some marketing work for us told me recently that he’d completely finished his Christmas shopping. And he hadn’t set foot in a mall.  My father buys nearly everything online too, and he’s no millennial. Every present on their gift-giving list was ordered online and…

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Just how important is direct mail to charities?

I certainly understand the branding behind Giving Tuesday. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, having a day that promotes charity over consumption is a great way to add a bit of balance to the season. This year, online sales during the holidays are set to jump an astounding 17%…

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Who cares about values anyway?

At Prime Data we make a conscious effort to build strong values into our culture. For the people who work here this effort is important. Let’s face it, coming to work is a lot more pleasant when you are respected as a person and not just seen as another cog…

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Print is still the 800lb marketing gorilla

Print marketing is dead. Newspapers are finished. Physical books should be used for fuel as we read our Kindles by the light of books’ glowing embers in the fireplace. I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve heard it all over the years. But as Public Enemy once…

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