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Canada Post’s authentic brand shines across Canada

Some of the best advice I ever got from my parents was not to hang out with troublemakers because everyone would eventually assume I was a troublemaker as well. In retrospect that was my first experience with branding. I might have been the best kid in school (I wasn’t). But…

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Don’t blame catalogues for Sears’ failure

Here’s a fun fact — my very first job was delivering hundreds of Sears catalogues, towed in my wagon, to houses in Aurora with my sibs and a few friends. Sometimes we recruited my mom to drive the heavier ones closer to homes. (Thanks Mom!) I probably delivered the wish…

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How long is too long for data retention?

I once heard that the best way to have people not read something on your site was to name the page “Terms of Service.” After 20 years you’d think somebody would have found a way to simplify the language and bring a little clarity to what happens to your data…

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When it comes to data, security is in the details

According to a recent article in Forbes your credit card is worth 25 cents. That might not sound like a lot. But when you hear about security breaches in the news, it’s not just one card, but millions that are scooped up and made available to potential scammers. That’s a…

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Technology is making the print industry boom

Last week was a big week at Prime Data. We celebrated the expansion and centralizing of our production, IT and administration in Aurora, Ontario. It was a full-on celebration with a Dixieland band, tours of our new location, visits from dignitaries, vendors, customers and local business owners. It was such…

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