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Show your customers love through Engagement

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day when thoughts turn to love and romance. But apparently not necessarily engagement. I thought Valentine’s would be the the big day for engagements — but apparently it’s trumped by Christmas. Tuck that bit of information away in case you ever end up on…

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G is for Growth

Is it time to change the channel on your marketing campaigns? Have you ever had the experience of watching a long-running television show, only to realize it’s not quite as good as it once was? At some point there are two choices, keep watching with diminishing returns or change…

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P is for Physicality

Let’s get physical. For those not old enough to remember, it’s a song by Olivia Newton John from the early 80s. Full disclosure: I don’t think she was singing was about print or direct mail. But physicality works. At least according to Davinder Singh, the CMO of Wayfair. While…

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Reduce the churn to increase your earn!

It’s a natural part of the business cycle. Customers come and customers go. Not everyone sticks around and that’s perfectly normal. But if you’re losing customers faster than you’re taking on new ones, you’re eventually going to be in big trouble. Engaging your clients is a two-part process One…

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