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Important Announcement: Prime Data joins forces with The AIIM Group

TORONTO, ONTARIO, July 12th, 2022 AIIM Holdings Inc. (“AIIM” or the “Company”), a leading provider of omnichannel marketing communications solutions, today announced the acquisition of Prime Data, a leading provider of sustainable marketing communication solutions. Following the growth investment AIIM received in May 2022 from Vegvisir Capital, the Company continues…

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COVID-19 | Prime Data Update

UPDATE – June 7, 2022 Life is slowly returning to normal, the “new” normal. Prime Data is monitoring the status of Covid-19 in the community very closely, and the safety of our staff is our number one concern. We still have protocols in place concerning our onsite staff and visitors…

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A to Z Growth Video Recap

Well folks, I’ve finally reached the end of the alphabet. Here’s the final video in the Growth A-Z series, which shares insights, current research, and my favourite ideas about Growth in revenue, marketing, sales, and engagement. And it uses every single letter! It’s been fun over the last 3.5…

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A is for Asocial! Marketing Minute

Asocial. Digital Media Detox. When people have had too much technology, they turn off their cell phones and computers, log off Facebook, and take holidays from Twitter. So many social media platforms with feeds that reach millions of people every day… but do they really? With the algorithms changing…

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The Planet’s FIRST Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

Prime Data, an award-winning leader in digital era direct mail, has launched “Carbon Neutral Direct Mail – From Tree to MailboxTM” the first net-zero carbon direct mail service that offsets all emissions from the tree through to the mailbox. For the first time, a direct mail piece can be…

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W is for Win Back! Marketing Minute

Whether it’s a donor to your fundraiser or a new customer into your store or e-commerce site, it often costs hundreds of dollars to bring a new customer to your location. After the second or third transaction, that client becomes very valuable, and you begin to break even on…

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