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How do you say thank you for a job well done?

How do show your gratitude? A pat on the back is always nice. We all love the recognition and acknowledgement that comes from receiving a simple thank you. But if you’re the one saying “thanks,” how you say it is as important as the sentiment you want to express. If you’ve ever received an email […]

Show your customers love through Engagement

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day when thoughts turn to love and romance. But apparently not necessarily engagement. I thought Valentine’s would be the the big day for engagements — but apparently it’s trumped by Christmas. Tuck that bit of information away in case you ever end up on Jeopardy. Engagement may not have a […]

The power and beauty of physical marketing strategies

I’m a huge proponent of physicality. I even have a short video dedicated to how impactful it is in the marketing context.  I’m working on a video for each letter of the alphabet in my A to Z Growth Series, you can find them all in my LI profile. Sure, for the last 2 decades […]