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Why Direct Mail Hits Home Now

Direct mail, research shows, has a 20% higher motivation response than digital media. Integrated with a digital strategy, these campaigns result in a 39% increase in attracting consumer attention. So why is direct mail so impactful and how does it fit into a multi-channel strategy? In this webinar, Andrew Hrywnak, president of Print Three, and […]

L is for Lifetime Value

Let’s think about your customer for the long term. How do you maintain lifetime value so it’s not a 1 time purchase or donation? Once a client is a lifetime client, you have so many ways to target them and communicate with them regularly. Despite all the digital tools that are available, paper mail at […]


D is for Digital

Brought to you by the letter “D” this 2 minute video is a riff on using all the digital channels available to a marketer. This can now include DIGITAL print which can be driven try triggers like a remarketing email. Mailed within hours of online triggers, like a remarketing email. Adding printed personalized mail to […]

Spring Tune Up is Sprouting at Prime Data

Right now, health is at the forefront of everything we do, at work and at home. Health authorities are giving us important health tips, but what can we do to keep our spirits up, too? At Prime Data, we’ve come up with a Spring Tune Up campaign Starting April 1, we’re tracking how many morale-boosting […]

COVID-19 – our most recent news

Last updated July, 2020 Some of our clients have asked us for a statement on what we’re doing during the COVID-19 situation. We are making adjustments daily During this unprecedented situation, we will respond following the suggested practices and recommendations of Health Canada and the Government of Ontario. We have remained an essential service and […]