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V is for Variable! Marketing Minute

V is for Variable – A Marketing Minute by Steve Falk   Cookies are a beautiful thing. Especially when they’re in browsers. They allow you to deliver a variable message to the person who’s online. For example, a person in their late teens or early twenties is watching a YouTube video, and they are delivered […]

Dang! Kinda Neat!

Welcome to Prime Data’s new monthly feature about things that we think are Dang! Kinda Neat.  Some of them, we are proud to say, are dreamed up by our clients. Tribeune.com – Is officially designated as This is Kinda Neat (read on) Now you can satisfy your secret desire to be the editor of your […]

Paper Mail Can Still Party

By: Ted Haberer, Director of Customer Success at Prime Data (Not Pictured) Email turns fifty this year. Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971, and it went something like this: “QWERTYUIOP”. …what a rush! So, Email throws a big party to celebrate this milestone. They sit down with SMS to discuss the guest list, […]

O is for Omni-Channel – Marketing Minute

Omni-channel marketing is used by smart marketers. It’s about building relationships over multiple channels, creating a unified brand message. Using digital is only one part of the puzzle. Working from device to device will not fully capture your market. The very best marketers we know are using an Omni-channel approach. Multiple marketing channels pay off for […]

Nonprofit Fundraisers Just Received A Major Gift

Now it’s easier to thank donors and send a tax receipt! Canada Post announced this week that they have acted upon the advocacy of Steve Falk, CEO of Prime Data, and other industry leaders and have included thank you notes with tax receipts in the Personalized Mail category.  Until this change in classification,  tax receipts […]

Business Recovery Summit Series

Register now at https://cfa.swoogo.com/cfa-brs Marketing’s most important function is to identify, engage with, and convert potential consumers into valuable and loyal customers that create long term revenue streams. Through the chaos of COVID-19, marketers have had to rethink their strategies in an unpredictable environment. The CFA’s Business Recovery Marketing Summit is designed to help franchise system […]