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M is for Measurable

Measuring things is tricky In the physical world there are a lot of different ways to measure.  In the digital world there are even more! Click-through rates, open rates, KPIs, ROI… you get the point. A lot of the time it still comes down to A/B testing to determine what moves the needle more. We’ve […]

I is for Integrated

Omnichannel marketing is really just a fancy way to say integrated.  As a marketer, your goal is to integrate and measure campaigns so that you know where your marketing dollar is going.  Breaking down the silos between channels makes sure that your social media marketers, email advertisers and programmatic ad buyers are all working together. […]

Every Mailbox is a Stage

I work at a jazz club. I love it. I do it part-time to make a little extra bread, plus it keeps things interesting.  I’ve worked there off and on for the better part of twenty years, when I haven’t been living in Puerto Rico (but that’s another story).  I really appreciate live music and […]