Whopping Powerful US Dollar makes it 25% cheaper to print and mail from Canada

That’s not just a headline, it’s the truth.

With this in mind I’m really excited to be here at the Graphic Expo.

I’m here to support the folks at Delphax in the Canadian supplier section and extoll the many virtues of the elan printer – which we are currently using ourselves.

So you’ll find me at booth 362 a lot of the time. But I’m also around to meet with people one-on-one who are interested in finding out more about Prime Data and price advantage that comes with outsourcing print and mail services to Canada.

It’s not everyday that I can look somebody in the eye and tell them to chop 25% off my quoted price. But because the US dollar is so whopping powerful these days, I can do it this week.

Visit me at Booth 362