Easy Donor Mailer

The fundraising mailer
that looks like a traditional mail package,
without the burden of an Outer envelope

  • Reduce your vulnerability to unpredictable envelope supply chains
  • Reduce direct mail GHG emissions.
  • Simplify your direct mail design and production

What are the benefits of mailing your campaign with the Easy Donor MailerTM?

Reducing Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Removes the unpredictability of the 2022 envelope supply chain

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces GHG emissions by 20% due to lower weight
  • No overs required for the shell and laser production
  • No plastic window in the envelope – all recyclable materials
  • Lowers paper waste in OE die offcut – 15-20% ends up in the recycle bin
  • Carbon Neutral – part of the new Carbon Neutral Direct Mail program. Neutral emissions from the tree to the mailbox
  • Uses environmentally-friendly FSC paper

Production Benefits

  • Looks and feels like a traditional mail package – a letter, reply coupon and BRE
  • Full colour variable printing on both outside faces of your mail package
  • Simplifies the estimating and budgeting process – easy price model
  • Easy to design and mail – fewer components, fewer steps
  • Ability to add personalize messages to outside front and back, even in handwriting font
  • Simplifies the design and production of direct mail
  • Less time in production
  • Available for US and Canadian Non-Profit mailings

Physical Specifications

Easy Donor Mailer closed on desk

  • 8.5” wide x 18.75” long
  • No bleeds
  • Full colour, two sides – 4/4 process
  • Stock: 70lb offset FSC
  • #8 BRE included – black printing one side
  • Coming soon! Extra insert area – coupons, bucklips, lift notes

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