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To help our clients be more effective in reaching

their selling and fundraising goals.


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Our Brand Promise

Every customer amazed with our service and astounded by our focus on their results.

The team

Prime Data team members 2019

We have the people and resources to execute successful, integrated, data-driven projects that bring results to your stakeholders.

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Kathy Adams

VDP Specialist

Irene Bailie

Lettershop Supervisor

Chris Burke

Offset Press Operator

Sheri Burke

Project Manager

Joanne Cordick

Project Manager

Patty Cusick

Digital Print and Bindery Specialist

Carly Diton

VDP Specialist

Steve Falk

Fearless Leader

Katharine Gebhardt


Ted Haberer

Senior Sales Executive

Dylan Hicks

Digital Print and Bindery Specialist

Amy Irvine

Project Manager

Ann Cruikshank

Shipping/Logistics Project Manager

Judy Maiuri

Manager, Customer Experience

Marie McLaughlin


Alix Morgan

Senior VDP Specialist/Production Scheduling Oversight

Siva Mylvaganam

Computer Programmer, Data Analyst and Privacy Officer

Joanne O’Connor

Project Manager

Catherine Paul

Production Facility Team Lead

Amanda Rosyski

Lettershop Assistant

Alison Sanzo

Business Solutions Analyst

Jed Sese, Prime Data
Jed Sese

Production team

Neil Weber

Data Analyst

Kathy Wells

Project Manager

Dana Williams

Manager, Data Programming

Jim Wisner, VP Business Development Prime Data
Jim Wisner

VP, Business Development