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W is for Win Back! Marketing Minute

Whether it’s a donor to your fundraiser or a new customer into your store or e-commerce site, it often costs hundreds of dollars to bring a new customer to your location. After the second or third transaction, that client becomes very valuable, and you begin to break even on the amount of marketing budget that you’ve spent to bring them in the first time.

But what happens when they leave? And how do you ‘Win Them Back’?

Spending a little bit of time and money on a ‘win back’ marketing strategy can actually cost a lot less in the long run because you already have an existing relationship with your clients. They know how great you are, sometimes all they need is a little nudge to remind them.

If an existing customer is not answering your emails, give them a call, shoot them a text (SMS) or send them a note in the mail that is unique and personalized to them. The trick is to reach out to them on more than one channel with messages that complement each other and work together. An Omnichannel marketing strategy can help you ‘Win Them Back’.

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