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ALERT – Supply Chain Disruptions Affecting Direct Mail

Supply chain disruptions can impact production times.

Order early and avoid surprises and disappointments

Dear valued clients,

Unfortunately, the supply chain issues that have affected so many other industries are starting to impact the direct mail business both at the price and availability levels

Our suppliers seem unable to predict what is going to happen and are often surprised when common products we order from them are limited in supply.  We’ve also had price increases with only 30 days notice and this will sometimes affect how long a quote will remain valid. It is summed up in this paper shortage news video from

Examples of items that are already showing signs of these impacts:

  • Some made to order envelopes (offset printed flat sheets that are converted)
  • Label stock for printing fundraising holiday mailing label premiums
  • Some formerly commonly available paper stocks used for cards and letters
  • FYI – we’ve pre-ordered enough common letter paper to last the Fall

What can be done to limit your exposure to the risk of delays?

  • Be flexible with your paper stock options ( specify a stock and add “or comparable” so that we can find something close that may be available)
  • Order any holiday labels now.  We can set aside the stock if we can find it – wait times seem to be into 6-8 weeks right now
  • Use stock envelopes instead of converting them from flat stock.  We can order these envelopes now – set them aside and you can Jet Print them closer to your drop date.  Ordering blank “stock” envelopes is currently easier than getting envelope paper and booking time at busy envelope manufacturers.   There are fewer envelope Co’s to choose from in Canada now and they are very busy.
  • Plan early and build more lead time into your production.  Please talk to our Project Management staff about how to plan earlier than was needed previously for jobs in the coming months – this can include reserving paper and envelopes now for use later (art can come later, let us get the stock reserved ASAP)

We are focused on working with you through these challenges to deliver the best outcomes.

Sincerely,  Steve Falk,  President   289-802-0584

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