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Dang! Kinda Neat!

Welcome to Prime Data’s new monthly feature about things that we think are Dang! Kinda Neat. Some of them, we are proud to say, are dreamed up by our clients. – Is officially designated as This is Kinda Neat (read on)

Now you can satisfy your secret desire to be the editor of your own monthly magazine. With you can publish a monthly family magazine that is printed and mailed each month! There’s a Free Trial link below.

Are your parents or grandparents tech savvy? Mine are NOT.

During these times of social distancing, we find ourselves sharing bits of our daily lives on social media. And if your loved ones aren’t online, they’re missing out. While families are social distancing and staying separate during the pandemic, here’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop.

TribeUne brings friends and families closer together during the pandemic. Socially distanced, of course!

Imagine, if your social media posts and messages could be turned into a printed journal and delivered monthly to your parents and grandparents that are offline. How cool would that be? And it does not involve trying to explain technology to someone who just doesn’t understand.

Meet TribeUne, the easy-to-use, monthly service that allows YOU to keep your offline loved ones up to date on what’s happening in your family.

It’s very easy to use. Simply install the app on your phone, add images and captions, and at the end of the month TribeUne will create and print your family journal. Your family member will receive it in the mail and be totally delighted with the full-colour newsletter with the easy-to-read captions and large images. You can even try it out for a month – Free!

You don’t have to be a designer to get great results. Just choose a layout and get started. Invite as many family members as you like to contribute monthly, and users can access it from any device.

And here’s what is kinda super neat about it. TribeUne aims to bring joy to the most isolated seniors – those who don’t have a family – by inviting users to ‘adopt a grandparent’ and create an album for them.

Find out why TribeUne is Kinda Neat, and get your free trial here:

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