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Y is for You! Marketing Minute

Let’s talk about YOU!

You’re at a dinner party, and you’re chatting with the person next to you.

Do you:
A: Fill their ears with everything about you?
B: Ask them questions that will draw them out a little and have them share something about themselves, instead of just ‘talking at them’?

Hopefully, you’re a ‘B’ type of person.

Now, imagine using this tactic when you are speaking to your customers. Your goal is to build loyalty and engagement with your customer base. Instead of telling them all about the great stuff you can do, your amazing service, great equipment, blah blah blah, why not try to get them to talk about themselves a little.

Ask these types of questions:

  • How will you benefit from what we offer?
  • How will you reach your goals when you use our company?
  • What is it about you that will be better when you use our brand?

People love talking about themselves but being a great listener and asking the right questions can provide you with insight about them and their goals.

Remember when you’re doing marketing, don’t be the ‘me monster’ at the dinner party. Think about you, and you’ll be having a nice dinner with your customers.

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