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COVID-19 | Year Two at Prime Data – An Update

UPDATE – May 15, 2021

Prime Data is Hundo V – What the heck is Hundo V?

Our essential production staff that work on-site at Prime Data are Hundo (100%) V (vaccinated) with the 1st dose against the COVID-19 virus. Shout out to our staff who took on the personal mission to book and even drive colleagues to appointments!!

Rapid Test Kits available to our staff, thanks to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Ontario

We continue to operate at full capacity, infection-free, with safety precautions in place.

March 31, 2021

To Our Valued Clients and Friends

From all of us here at Prime Data we hope that you and yours are safe and well.

I’m writing to update you on what we are doing to manage the coming months of the pandemic. We are hoping that giving you some insight into how we are addressing things would give you some confidence in how we will serve you and may also inspire some questions from you that will provide opportunities for us to improve our response.

Firstly, a proud nod to our in-plant team who have worked so diligently to overcome the many challenges of the last year and have kept us operating at full capacity, infection-free. All clerical, sales, and production management colleagues have been working remotely, which was not a difficult transition for us since we’d had staff working from PEI to Windsor and beyond already securely set up. We do miss the collegiality of the office, especially the “office” puppies, birthday cakes, and BBQs.

Reflecting Ontario’s Premier’s recent announcement about the province-wide lockdown, we are continuing to remain in full operation but have added extra levels of precaution including supplying staff with KN95 masks for use in-house. The production team has been juggling social distancing, masking, plastic divider shields, and limits on visitors and “peak period” emergency staff while keeping to our “on-time” promise. We just don’t have exactly the same flexibility to bring new people into the shop at the drop of a hat. We also realize that when the phone rings it could be to announce an infection at our production facility that would mobilize our contingency plans. This will continue for the foreseeable future.

Tested contingency plans

We’ve developed and tested our contingency plans for both overflow or if the case arises that we have staffing restrictions due to an in-plant outbreak. If there was an outbreak, we anticipate that we’d be functioning in backup mode within 48 hours. Our office support would not be affected but our physical resources would be re-allocated.

Last year, most businesses like ours had less work as our clients exercised caution with marketing and print communications. This year, the rebound has already happened and we’ve had one of the busiest March’s in our history.

Steps to protect against the risk of delays due to an outbreak

Balancing this regained momentum with the omnipresent threat that the pandemic holds over us, you may consider building in or asking us to build in a day or two extra into your production workback schedule to insure against the risk of potential delays if an unpredictable outbreak occurs. An extra 2 days may be just the buffer we’d need if we had an incident here and you had a very important mailing date to adhere to.

I hope you’ll appreciate the transparency with which we are delivering this message. We wanted to share what we think are the risks and how quickly we will be able to deal with them. I’m also inviting you to give us feedback about your concerns. We’ll be stronger for the feedback.

We are all very grateful to our clients and vendors who have supported us during this past year.

We look forward to rebuilding together in year two of the pandemic.

Sincerely, on behalf of my colleagues at Prime Data

Steve Falk


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