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Q is for Query! Marketing Minute

Today’s Marketing Minute is brought to you by the letter Q, for Query.

The more you know about your data, the better.

Query your data.

It’s November 2020, and you may have noticed the recent passing of Alex Trebek, the long-time game show host of Jeopardy. The show is based on a backwards way of asking questions and answers.

Today, in homage of Alex Trebek, we’re going to have:

Category: Marketing Tactics

Answer: Information gathered about your customers and donors that help you make better decisions.

Question: What is Query.

You should always be querying your customer data, really digging in, to find out what the most important landmarks are along the way of your customer journey. People reach out and engage with your organization. They either drop off or successfully do the things that you want them to do (donate, purchase, etc.)

Getting great results.

The more you know about your data, the better.

Query your data.

Maybe you have a high instance of abandoned shopping carts and you’re not sure why, but you can start to look for the reason. Is it because your payment system is too slow? Or are there some forms that are just too difficult to do or take too long to fill out?

Are you thanking your customers/donors? Do they feel appreciated?

When things get accomplished, find those points, query your data, react to it. You’ll do a better job.

Query more often.

Did you know that we work with our clients to help them capitalize on the potential of their First Party data?  Our consultative, problem-solving approach to finding the best solutions is just one part of our data services. We ask our clients a lot of questions because we are curious about their goals and desired outcomes. And then, we help them use that data and personalized printed communications to help achieve those goals.

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