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Spring Tune Up is Sprouting at Prime Data

Right now, health is at the forefront of everything we do, at work and at home. Health authorities are giving us important health tips, but what can we do to keep our spirits up, too?

At Prime Data, we’ve come up with a Spring Tune Up campaign

Starting April 1, we’re tracking how many morale-boosting activities we’re doing. It might be doing some self-care, or it might be some #caremongering. Because a good deed helps to raise the spirits, too.

Usually at Prime Data we have a quarterly campaign with a business or development focus. Right now, we’re putting that aside. Our Spring Tune Up is only about helping one another look after our spirits with activities like (and these are actual employee entries):

  • having an indoor dance party
  • hosting an online Easter dinner
  • playing a family game online
  • making sun catchers and giving them as gifts
  • delivering take-out to Grandma
  • paying a call to a friend who is getting over an illness
  • dropping off groceries for others

Why not start your own self-care campaign — share it with others

Actively boosting your spirits every day really makes a difference. Please — take our idea and run with it (that counts as your first entry in your own spirit-boosting campaign)!

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