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M is for Measurable! Marketing Minute

Measuring things is tricky

In the physical world there are a lot of different ways to measure. 

In the digital world there are even more! Click-through rates, open rates, KPIs, ROI… you get the point.

A lot of the time it still comes down to A/B testing to determine what moves the needle more.

We’ve gone a step further and experimented with A/0 testing

What is A/0 you ask? Well it’s taking everything you normally do and adds a single variable to the mix to see what difference it makes. 

In our case it was introducing a personalized printed postcard, triggered by an abandoned shopping cart at a popular eCommerce site. 

So how did it work out? 

Real Results. Delivered.

In our experiment, 50% of the abandoned shopping carts received a postcard and 50% did not. 

Of the 50% who had a postcard delivered to their door, there was a 25% boost in response rate AND a 12% increase in revenue. 

That’s huge. That’s measurable. And that’s repeatable.

If you want to learn more about how this could work for you, send me an email at or give me a call at 289-802-0584.

Click here to read the case study

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