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B is for Beta: Always Be Testing

It’s been 27 years since the profanity-laced classic Glengarry Glen Ross dropped “ABC – Always Be Closing” into the lexicon of junior sales reps everywhere. 

If the studios were to do a reboot today focusing on marketing pros, it might very well have just as much profanity. But the term everyone would remember is “ABT — Always Be Testing.” 

Marketing dollars are more focused than ever. And with that focus comes increased accountability. The days of flipping a coin and going all-in on one strategy are long gone. 

Today everything is tested over and over again. The results are then carefully measured and tactics are tweaked to make the spend more effective and targeted.

When tactics improve, conversions go up and marketing efforts show genuine returns. 

It’s one of the reasons that a core principle we have at Prime Data is that we are “always in beta.” 

Everything can be improved. There is no such thing as perfect.

Digital technology has made this easier than ever — even with print. 

Using tools such as custom coupon codes matched to existing client data, we can tell exactly who redeemed an offer — and then track those purchases and website content. We can also see which marketing pieces resulted in the most conversions and use that to make the next campaign — integrating the new data — even more targeted. 

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