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Prime Data adds more speed, ease and affordability for direct mailers

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AURORA, ON, 12 August 2019 – Direct mail became faster and easier for marketers thanks to the recent Elan upgrade at Prime Data.

“Our original Elan gave marketers unlimited variability in direct mail, at the same price as pieces with much less variability,” says Steve Falk, President of Prime Data. “This upgrade gives them that unlimited variability along with higher resolution and a wider colour gamut  – and it’s still more affordable than the current options.”

Since there’s no need for pre-printed shells, marketers also save on storage cost and production time, overages and recycling of out-of-date stock.

Combining digital and print is proven to have better results than digital alone

Recent Prime Data pilot tests have shown that organizations who follow up their digital message with a highly customized, personalized printed piece generate double-digit response rates and increases in revenue.

You can learn more about why physical, printed mail works so well in the digital world through Prime Data’s free Growth A-to-Z video series (or search Prime Data on YouTube).

Prime Data’s Patty Cusick, Dylan Hicks, Steve Falk and Alix Morgan may not have the right tools to install a printer, but the new, upgraded Elan gives them the tools to make your job faster and easier. The upgrade combines the Elan’s unlimited variability, speed and cost savings with better resolution and more colours than before.

About Prime Data

Prime Data has been providing data-driven marketing solutions for over 20 years. We help e-commerce companies increase revenue and fundraisers raise more money using their client and donor data.

They get better results because we help them to deliver the best messages at the right time.  In an ironic twist, our secret weapon is personalized printed mail delivered to homes, around the globe, using an approach that takes the best aspects of digital marketing and gives it the power of physical mail to deliver amazing results.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Falk

President, Prime Data

(289) 802-0584

Katharine Gebhardt

Communications, Prime Data

(647) 466-0751

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