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Z is for Zero – Is there ever a “good” time for marketing?

If I were to say “timing is everything” you’d likely roll your eyes and move on to the next post.

It’s something every marketing professional understands. If you hit the right target, with the right message, at the right time — you’re probably going to hit pay dirt.

At Prime Data we work with a large retailer that has taken this thinking to a really cool level.

The retailer has a magic temperature that triggers their campaigns

If you live in Canada you understand how long winters are and how important that very first “nice” day is as we approach spring.

Of course we’re a huge country. So a nice day in Halifax doesn’t necessarily mean nice days in Quebec City, Winnipeg or Kelowna.

What our client does is watch the weather across the country and stagger the rollout of the same national campaign based on when the weather changes for the better.

Just as people can see the grass again, lawn products and patio furniture ads start to appear

It’s the perfect target, the perfect pitch and the perfect time. People are not only ready — they are excited!

So what’s your trigger?

When will people not only accept your message, but be thrilled by it? Figure that out and your marketing gets a lot easier.

If you want to talk to me about effective targeting, then let’s have a conversation. Call me at 1-888-261-2584 x 301 or send me an email or visit to download a Case Study about how we worked with Wayfair on just such a strategy

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