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U is for Unboxing – How do you say thank you for a job well done?

How do show your gratitude?

A pat on the back is always nice. We all love the recognition and acknowledgement that comes from receiving a simple thank you. But if you’re the one saying “thanks,” how you say it is as important as the sentiment you want to express.

If you’ve ever received an email from someone saying “good job,” you know what I mean. It’s quick, effective, and usually deleted from the inbox within a short period of time. And once it’s gone so is the fuzzy feeling.

Of course, if that email comes with an Amazon gift code, it may last a bit longer. And you’ll have a bit of fun looking for something to purchase online.

I have a friend who is a driver for Uber. And recently the company sent him a parcel that served as both an elaborate recognition and a thank you.

If you watch the video, you’ll see me unboxing this outstanding package. It obviously cost a bit of money to design and was sent to all of the “Preferred Drivers,” in the organization.

Considering the ups and downs Uber has experienced in the last year or so, it’s amazing that this kind of outreach was deemed an essential part of their internal marketing and recovery plan.

I’ve said before that a piece of direct mail can sit on the table or get stuck on the fridge and live there for up to two weeks.

I’m sure this package will last a lot longer than that. It’s so well made you would feel bad throwing it out.

Compare that to a thank you email that’s appreciated and then deleted within seconds.

Something physical will stay in your mind longer than anything digital. Uber understands this and has gone to great effort to execute a beautiful campaign. So consider your next outreach program and the ways you can make it more physical. You don’t need to go as far as Uber. But adding a bit of physicality to your appreciation will always mean more.

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