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E is for Engagement – Show your customers some love

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day when thoughts turn to love and romance. But apparently not necessarily engagement. I thought Valentine’s would be the the big day for engagements — but apparently it’s trumped by Christmas.

Tuck that bit of information away in case you ever end up on Jeopardy.

Engagement may not have a lot to do with Valentine’s Day. But it does have a lot to do with commitment. Particularly the commitment and relationship clients have with your business.

Most businesses today rely almost exclusively on digital strategies to keep customers engaged. Of course that means a lot of marketing “sameness” across brands and industries. So how do you make your engagement stronger?

On Valentine’s Day a card, some chocolates or a ring are much more likely to create a higher level of engagement and appreciation than a text or SMS because they are physical.

It’s the same with your customers. If your only touchpoints are digital, how much engagement and commitment are you likely to get?

Show a little love in your marketing. Take the time to develop engagement strategies that cut through the digital clutter and actually show clients that they are worth more than an automated email.

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