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K is for Kiragami – The power and beauty of physical marketing strategies

I’m a huge proponent of physicality. I even have a short video dedicated to how impactful it is in the marketing context.  I’m working on a video for each letter of the alphabet in my A to Z Growth Series, you can find them all in my LI profile.

Sure, for the last 2 decades the emphasis has been on the growth of digital. But I believe it has also re-awakened an appreciation for beauty of the tangible. Digital simulations and representations may be becoming more “lifelike.” But they can’t hold a candle to the things we can actually touch, feel and experience in 3 dimensions.

On a recent trip to Boston I came across a 3D-postcard maker called LovePop that makes exquisitely crafted pop-up cards for every occasion. It’s certainly not a new technology. Kirigami cards have been around for ages.

And if you’ve ever received one you know how cool they can be and how much they stand out from the other cards on a table or stand.

By now you’re used to me talking about how paper has more perceived value than email. And how adding it to your marketing mix adds another dimension. But Kirigami shows us that even with paper there are degrees of implied value.

Simply choosing to add physical to your marketing mix isn’t enough. There are enough options, choices and techniques to keep your campaigns fresh forever. And the price to “mix it up” is always coming down as production and print technology improve.

So don’t just look at print as a monolithic ingredient. It’s a complex family of flavours that can make virtually anything pop!

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