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P is for Physicality

Let’s get physical.

For those not old enough to remember, it’s a song by Olivia Newton John from the early 80s.

Full disclosure: I don’t think she was singing was about print or direct mail.

But physicality works. At least according to Davinder Singh, the CMO of Wayfair.

While I was attending the Think Inside the Box conference this Fall, he spoke about his company’s successful pilot with us using physical postcards triggered by online actions.

But that’s not the only example of Physicality. Amazon is producing a catalogue! Facebook a magazine and Google Cloud (!!!) is sending letters and physical boxes of marketing material to promote its “in the cloud” services.

The great digital disruptors are now revisiting and repurposing the very technology they supposedly “killed” off. And they’re doing it for one reason only. It still drives revenue as part of a multi-channel strategy.

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