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N is for Now – Timing is everything for successful campaigns

In marketing timing is the most important component to a successful campaign.

Connect the right product message with the right person at the right time and you will get their attention 10 times out of 10.

When was the last time you were digitally stalked around the web, based on a random search or website you visited? It happens all the time. Marketers know that if you’re researching vehicles online, they have a better chance of turning you into a customer if they can get their vehicle in front of you as quickly a possible.

And that’s why you can’t watch cat videos on YouTube in peace anymore.

But it’s not just digital. Today you can bring that same immediacy to print marketing.

Using web and CRM triggers, your best customers can have a postcard with custom offers printed and sent out into the mail within hours of an online action. And those postcards don’t just flash onto a screen for a few seconds, they stick around for days and even weeks as a constant reminder.

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