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R is for Retention – Actual Touch Completes Your Customer Retention Strategy

I was recently looking through some photographs. Not on my phone. But actual prints. You may be surprised to hear that printing photos is coming back into fashion. But why?

The answer is simple. If you have pictures and videos on your phone you don’t often look at them. They vanish into a digital library and are quickly forgotten.

Digital and print work better together

As a firm that straddles digital and print this is really interesting.

That’s because more and more companies are also looking beyond digital-only strategies and towards print as a way to become more memorable to customers.

Retention is the key. And it always will be

Printed postcards that are sent out hours after an online trigger are way more impactful because they become physical reminders and calls to action to finish what was started.

A tactile call to action delivered to a mailbox that includes customization pulled from past purchases and browsing history is powerful. These get posted on the refrigerator and hang around a lot longer than any digital ad. Heck something posted on the fridge is seen by more than the addressee and might even provide inspiration to someone else in the household for possible birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts!

Make your brand experience REAL for customers

So when you’re considering retention programs, don’t simply rely on cookies and digital ads. Think about engaging people off the screen where they actually live and do your part to help them make some real memories.

If you want to get more information on how to make your brand marketing work more effectively across platforms by combining digital and print, I’d love to talk to you.

Steve Falk,

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