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Fundraising and print: Turn an expense into an investment

Everyone loves a good deal. And when it comes to making business decisions, price is generally one of the most important considerations. 

But what if you were to reframe the price of a product or service you were considering as an investment in your campaign’s success? On June 12th it’s Fundraising Day. And this is what I’ve been thinking about in the lead up.

Yes, you want to reduce expenses

But would you spend a bit more if you knew the return on the investment was going to be significant?

Going with the lowest price is the easiest way to make a purchasing decision. But I think it’s safe to say that most of us have had an experience where the lowest price turned out to be the worst choice.

Compromises are always part of the equation when a company offers a quote that is drastically lower than the others.

Sometimes those compromises happen behind the scenes with lower standards for quality control or data security. And sometimes it’s reflected in sloppy work that cause costly delays and rework.

My point is that price is only one factor

A simple production process matters.

At Prime Data we constantly re-invest in our people, processes, and technology. This culture of continuous improvement enables us to deliver the highest levels service and best-in-class products to our clients.

Most importantly we deliver value, better outcomes for campaigns, and often, less overhead to manage them, because we simplify the production process whenever possible.

This satisfaction is reflected in our ability to keep clients — even when we’re not the lowest price.

That’s our strategy for success. And this is the type of thinking we bring to the table when it comes to helping clients execute on their strategies.

We understand the power of print. And having invested in the latest print technologies, we’re able to integrate data and offer a degree of customization, personalization, ease and flexibility that you just won’t find with the lowest-priced vendors.

Lowering the overhead to produce a job brings benefits

When technology makes it easier to produce a job, it frees up time to raise more money.   

Are your donor communications agile and flexible?

There may be technological limitations that have been explained away as “impossible, or too costly to overcome.”

Don’t ever accept that what you have is good enough

Always think bigger. Always push for more. If you want to have fully engaged donors you need to reach them with personalized print communications that are triggered by recent online interactions as well as donor history.  

Engaged donors are what every not-for-profit needs to keep the doors open

We increase donor engagement with print

We’re not always the least expensive. But when you think about investing, it’s the return you should be focusing on.

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If you want to speak to someone about your donor engagement strategy and how you can use data and print together to increase revenues let’s talk.

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